Recognize Nail Fungus: 10 Pictures & Common Symptoms

Recognize Nail Fungus: 10 Pictures & Common Symptoms

A fungal nail infection happens when fungi attack the nail or nail bed and begin multiplying. Fungi can attack through small cuts or damage around the nail, and are most commonly found in warm, damp places -- like shoes, socks, and on the surfaces of public showers.
Medically known as Onychomycosis, nail fungus normally doesn’t cause serious health issues, but given the nature of the nail and the resiliency of the fungus, it can be difficult to treat. As a result, the sooner treatment is started, the more easily the fungus can be defeated. Below is a gallery with some common ways nail fungus can appear, so if you recognize an infection, start fighting back as soon as possible!



In the early stages of toenail fungus, the nail may start to show slight yellowing and appear cloudy. Often, people make the mistake of assuming fungus will simply go away at this stage, only to have a more difficult infection to treat later on.

beginning / early stage nail fungus -


beginning / early stage nail fungus


early stage nail fungus


early stage nail fungus


As the fungal nail infection escalates, the nail becomes increasingly brittle and discolored, and can spread to adjacent nails without treatment.

nail fungus escalating & spreading


developing nail fungus


escalating nail fungus -


When a fungal nail infection becomes advanced, the nail gets increasingly brittle and may chip or break apart, exposing the nail bed. In advanced stages, the toe can become painful and aggravated when walking or touched.

advanced toenail fungus -


advanced nail fungus


advanced fungal nail infection


Keep an eye out for the symptoms of nail fungus, and seek treatment immediately if you have a nail that appears infected. Remember, fungal nail infections won't cure themselves and generally worsen and spread over time, so take action and stomp out that fungus!