Nail Fungus: Am I Banned from Nail Salons?

Nail Fungus: Am I Banned from Nail Salons?

It happened. That brittle, discolored nail is back and you begin the process of getting rid of it, but you have an event coming up that just begs for a manicure and pedicure. How are you going to handle this? Are you clear to make that nail appointment? Don’t worry. If you take these steps before your appointment, your unsightly nails will be covered and event ready.

Do Your Research 

Some nail salons are equipped with sterilization practices, procedures and tools to handle nail fungus. If the salon you frequent doesn’t have that, call and see if you need to bring your own tools and polishes. There is always a solution to the nail fungus problem.

Address the Situation

Don’t try to slip one by the nail tech. Going to the salon and not giving them the heads up about your nail health is a big no-no, and it’s dangerous for other guests who will be using salon’s services after you. Nail fungus may be embarrassing, but a few seconds of embarrassment is a lot better than infecting multiple strangers with your nail fungus.

Get the Package 

Some salons offer laser fungal treatments in addition to other services. Laser treatment can run high, but it’s a quick and painless procedure that zaps the fungus at the roots. Being this is one of the least irritating ways to eliminate nail fungus, it might be your best, in-the-moment option.

Bring Your Tools

Don’t leave for your appointment without your own bottle of nail polish and nail tools. You could also bring your own bowl and basin for manicures and pedicures, so you are sure to not transfer the fungi to another guest.


Written by: Lindsey Alexander