Nail 17 at CES 2017!

Nail 17 at CES 2017!

For those of you that do not know what CES is, you have been living under a rock! CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the grand mecca of all consumer electronics shows in the world that takes place every January in Las Vegas. This is where they reveal all the latest and greatest of upcoming, not yet released, technologies for consumption of the masses. 

Obviously, Nail17 is not a technology, so the show is not an exact fit for us to attend. That did not stop us from joining the masses to promote our product at a show that is internationally known and attended by hundreds of thousands of people. 

We were able to network with some of the biggest brands in the industry, along with a few faces you may recognize! Take a look at a few of our highlights.




Golden Globe Winner Hidden Figures



Billy Blanks (Tae Bo) 

DJ Joes Mangin and Ford Motor Company

Nicole Chaplin (Celebrity Trainer NYC)


This just goes to show you that nail fungus can affect the best of us. Nail fungus has no bias to certain industries, does not care if you are male or female, if you're young or old, high profile athlete or celebrity or just your Average Joe. You are not alone in wanting to have beautiful nails once again. 

Thank you to the wonderful Vendors and celebrities that allowed us to use their names and pictures and taking the time to hear our story! It was such a great event, looking forward to next years!