Fellas: Dos and Don’ts for Healthy Nails

Fellas: Dos and Don’ts for Healthy Nails

Are you looking to improve your nail health without stepping foot inside a nail salon for a professional manicure? We’re here to tell you it can be done. Simply follow these dos and don’ts and keep your nails looking good and feeling healthy.

DO Wash Your Hands Thoroughly


Now that spring is around the corner, everyone is gearing up for spring cleaning, home improvement projects and garden prep. Working around the house and getting things done is great, but don't forget to take care of your hands while doing it. Washing your hands and scrubbing under your nails is key if you want to remove dirt and bacteria, which will prevent a nasty infection.



DON’T Use Your Nails as Tools


Nails as tools will cause issues

Opening packages, prying off labels, or any other task that can be done with an actual tool should actually be done with tools and not your nails. Using your nails for these types of tasks weakens and damages nails. Keeping a pocket knife handy will not only keep your nails strong, but also help you the next time you have a package to open.

DO Use Moisturizers


keeping your skin moist may have benefits for your nails

Moisturizing your hands and nails with hand cream a four to seven times a week keeps your hands from becoming dry and your cuticles moisturized. Pro tip: keep a bottle of hand cream next to your favorite spot in the family room, and moisturize your hands during while viewing your favorite TV show is an easy way to get this task done.

DON’T Cut (or Bite!) Your Nails Too Short



Cutting your nails so close to your finger tip that the white tip isn’t even showing creates a breeding ground for bacteria and may cause infection. Getting close to the tip without cutting off too much of the nail is possible, it just needs to be done carefully. If you’re not sure you can do it yourself, a friend, significant other, sibling, parent or professional nail tech are all viable options.



Written by: Lindsey Alexander