Camphor Oil: Natural Nail Fungus Fighter

Camphor Oil: Natural Nail Fungus Fighter

Previously, we profiled natural nail fungus fighters eucalyptus oil and thymol. Today, learn about another great fungus fighter: Camphor oil! 

What is Camphor Oil?

Camphor is a naturally occurring organic chemical that's found in the wood of the camphor laurel, or common camphor tree (cinnamomum camphora), which grows predominantly in Asia. Camphor oil is extracted by distilling the bark of the camphor tree, and also can be distilled from turpentine.

Camphor oil has a variety of uses, and for centuries has been used in medicine, as a scent, in food, and in religious ceremonies.

The Common Camphor - cinnamomum camphor


Camphor Oil in Medicine


Camphor oil has a wide range of medical uses, but is used commonly to relieve pain and reduce itching, as well as treating fungal nail infections, warts, cold sores, hemorrhoids, and osteoarthritis.

One of camphor oil's best qualities is that as an antiseptic and disinfectant. It's used in ointments and lotions to cure skin diseases, and can even be added to drinking water to disinfect it and kill microbes, as well as added to grains to keep them safe from insects.

It's also known as an effective stimulant, which improves the circulatory system, as well as digestion and metabolism.

Another effective use for camphor oil is as a local anesthetic, as it causes numbness of the sensory nerves upon application. Similarly, camphor oil has a cool, penetrating sensation when applied to the skin, and as such is useful as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Camphor Oil for Fighting Nail Fungus

Camphor oil has many qualities that make it effective against nail fungus. For starters, it attacks fungus and prevents its spread due to the antifungal and antiseptic qualities it possesses. Because its a stimulant, camphor oil increases blood flow to the toes, which helps fight fungal nail infections, especially in older people who may have inadequate blood flow to begin with. The increased blood flow helps bolster the immune system by bringing more fungus fighting cells to the infected area. The soothing, anesthetic qualities of camphor oil can also help to decrease the discomfort of the infection, making shoes and other footwear less bothersome during treatment.

Positive Qualities for Fighting Nail Fungus

  • Antifungal & antiseptic
  • Circulatory & immune stimulant
  • Soothing anesthetic

The Takeaway on Camphor Oil

With its antifungal, stimulant, and anesthetic qualities, Camphor oil is another one of nature's gifts in fighting nail fungus. When applied topically, camphor oil is usually safe for adults and has a low risk of side-effects, but should not be taken orally. Overall, camphor oil is a great natural ingredient to look out for when choosing the topical treatment option is right for you.