6 Surprising Nail Fungus Statistics

6 Surprising Nail Fungus Statistics

Nail fungus is one of the world's most common ailments -- but do you know just how common it really is? We compiled some statistics that might surprise you about who's most at risk for nail fungus, and how prevalent nail fungus is in the population:


Onychomycosis, better known as nail fungus, accounts for up to 30% of all skin infections. [source]


Fungal nail infections account for half of all nail disorders. [source]


It's estimated that 2 - 18% of people worldwide have some sort of nail fungus. [source]


Some species of dermatophytes (nail fungus causing microbe) can survive up to 15 months in their environment. [source]


The prevalence of nail fungus has been reported to be as high as 23% across Europe, and 20% in East Asia, compared to 14% in North America. [source]


Age is a predisposing risk factor for nail fungus, with 18.2% of patients 60 - 79 years old reportedly dealing with the condition, compared to only .7% of those under 19. [source]


So, be careful out there! With all that nail fungus going around, it can be easy to contract an infection. Take precautions when you can and avoid direct exposure to surfaces that could harbor fungi. And if you do contract a fungal nail infection, act fast! Nail fungus can spread and worsen over time, and won't resolve on its own. Nobody likes dealing with nail fungus, so the quicker you start fighting it, the sooner it can be defeated.