6 Essential Tools to Fungusproof Your Home

6 Essential Tools to Fungusproof Your Home

Nobody wants to contract nail fungus. It's uncomfortable, unsightly, and difficult to get rid of. When you think of getting nail fungus, there's the usual suspects that come to mind: Bowling shoes, gym locker rooms, public pools, etc. But the reality is, there are plenty of places fungus can grow at home, and without the right defenses, you might be living in a fungus breeding ground without even realizing.

Don't let yourself fall victim to a fungal nail infection at home. Equip yourself with these 6 essential tools to help keep nail fungus at bay!

1) Antifungal shower cleaner

This shower and tub cleaner is specially designed to fight against fungus, and the fact that it contains bleach means it will kill off most other harmful bacteria too. If you're currently fighting a fungal nail infection, using this type of cleaner is of particular importance to prevent fungus from living on shower or tub surfaces, as well as for keeping others from contracting an infection. Bathrooms are easily covered with bacteria and grime that can often be difficult to eradicate, so remember to clean all corners and surfaces thoroughly and on a regular basis to keep fungus from having any place to hide.

2) Foot cleaning brush

Cleaning toes isn't easy, but here's an item makes it a whole lot easier. This foot cleaning brush has a long handle so you can save your back while getting your toes nice and clean. Another investment worth making is in a good foot scrubber.

Toenail fungus is caused by the same fungi (dermatophytes) that cause athletes foot, which is often a precursor to nail fungus, so making sure the area around the toes, and the feet in general, are clean is important for toenail health. Plus, it makes a nice foot massager, too!

3) Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are simple and time tested device, as well as an important tool in protecting against nail fungus. But it's not just having nail trimmers and using them, it's trimming your nails the correct way. Cut cleanly straight across with a slight arc, as seen in the diagram below, allowing for some angle on the corners to prevent fungus from getting to the nail bed.

4) Antifungal spray or powder

Spraying down shoes and athletic socks regularly will keep fungus from growing in those hard to clean places. It's not so important what brand you choose, but getting used to disinfecting shoes and socks on a regular basis with save you nail fungus grief. Fungi love to live and grow in areas that are damp, dark, and warm, making shoes and dirty socks prime locations. Disinfect regularly and keep those pesky fungi from getting started!

5) Sandals

Sandals are great at protecting against nail fungus. Since they don't close over the foot, there's hardly any place for fungi to get settled and contract the nail. Still clean them regularly to be safe, but consider making a habit of wearing sandals before and after showers to keep toes from contacting unclean surfaces, or if you have a pool, hot tub, or spa, which also have surfaces that could harbor fungi.

6) Hot tub/pool cleaner

Home hot tubs and pools can present some of the same challenges as public spaces when it comes to fungus exposure, and a consistent cleaning regimen is important to prevent infection. Generally, the water itself is treated with chemicals, but the surfaces around it may not be so clean, so paying special attention to the areas is needed. Use surface cleaner once a month as part of your cleaning routine, and kill off fungus before it gets started.


Keeping nail fungus from invading your home is about being conscious of the threat that nail fungus poses, and taking steps stop it in its tracks. Use these items along with a thorough, consistent cleaning regimen, and chances are you'll be fungus free.