Why Choose a Natural Nail Fungus Treatment?

Choosing a nail fungus treatment is an important decision. Like any other medical treatment, nail fungus treatment can affect more than just the toenails -- so it's important to choose an option that treats nail fungus effectively, and is the safest possible on the body. At Nail 17, we support a natural and healthy lifestyle -- both when it comes to treating nail fungus or anything else in your life. Fortunately, consumers now have the ability to learn about the treatments they choose and can more easily make an educated decision, which is a big reason why natural nail fungus treatments are becoming so popular. Here are some of the top reasons why people are going natural when it comes to fighting back against nail fungus:  

#1 - Natural Nail Fungus Treatments Work!

  There is stigma sometimes with natural health products that they are less effective than artificial, name-brand products -- but that's just not the case. Natural oils like those derived from eucalyptus, thyme, tea tree, camphor, and menthol have been used for centuries in treating nail fungus and a range of other ailments, and are well known for their antifungal and antiseptic qualities. Modern medicine has allowed scientists to synthesize these ingredients together into more specialized formulas, but the fungus fighting characteristics have been there all along! Granted, even with natural treatments you can find some sub-par manufacturers, so don't trust just anyone, but all in all, natural treatments have been proven to work against nail fungus time and time again.  

#2 - Natural Treatments Are Safe

  When using any kind of medicine, you need to take precautions, but natural ingredients tend to have less severe and more limited side effects than other treatments.* For starters, many of the natural oils that make up natural fungus treatments are easier on the skin and have naturally soothing qualities, like menthol, while oils like eucalyptus are aromatic and stimulating as well. These react primarily with the infection without causing side effects, and tend to keep the tissue surrounding the infection healthy and free of irritation. Artificial treatments, on the other hand, can contain some harsh compounds, which can lead to adverse reactions. In the case of oral antifungals, the side effects can be even more severe, including liver and kidney damage with prolonged usage. You also have to consider the length of treatment time. Nail fungus requires months of consistent treatment, and medicine is usually going to be applied or taken at least twice daily. With artificial treatments, that means months of continuous exposure to potentially harmful ingredients. With natural treatments, you can feel more confident that longer term exposure will not likely result in long term damage or side effects. *This isn't to say natural ingredients can't harm you if you use too much, so always use as directed.  

#3 - No Unrecognizable Chemical Compounds

  Take a look at the back of your nail fungus treatment. Do you recognize all the ingredients? Can you even pronounce them? It's similar to choosing what food you eat -- if you prefer building your diet around processed foods like pop-tarts, donuts, bologna, and TV dinners, not knowing what's in your nail fungus treatment may not matter much to you. But if you're someone that prefers to eat natural, healthy foods that the body reacts well with (and that you can pronounce), you'll appreciate knowing exactly what's in your nail fungus treatment, and how it's going to affect your body.  

#4 - Responsible Practices

  Ask yourself: Why would manufactures create complex chemical compounds for what nature already has a cure for? Some manufactures genuinely believe they have created treatments that are better at treating nail fungus than what can be done naturally -- and there's nothing wrong with that. There are numerous examples of beneficial medicines that have been created with artificial ingredients. But the problem is that this isn't the motive for many nail fungus treatment manufacturers. Often times, artificial ingredients are used because they can be made in higher quantities and more cheaply than natural ingredients, thus saving manufacturers money on their bottom line. Unfortunately, this rarely means that the product is better, but is usually just a means to increase profit margins. These products still sell for the same price (or more) than natural products, and generally return ineffective results and frustrated consumers. While modern science has helped natural ingredients become more readily available at affordable prices, the results have been there all along.   When you put it all together, it's easy to see why, now more than ever, consumers are choosing natural treatments to treat their fungal nail infections. Today's consumers take care with how they treat their body, and now that natural medicines are more available, affordable, and are being used widely for treatment, these are no longer just "alternative therapy" options, but often the first choice for treatment. So when you're making your choice for what treatment option to go with -- feel confident nd go natural!   Buy Nail 17 Today.  

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