Are your feet spring break ready?

With beautiful, warm weather just around the corner, we want to make sure your feet are ready to frolic in the sand and take a dip in the pool. For most people, Spring break is the perfect time to take a vacation and thaw some of that winter cold in a warm and sunny destination. If however, your toes are crumbly and discolored, you may not be looking forward to spring break at all. Fungal nails are not just an unpleasant site but, they can also be quite embarrassing. The question is, what causes fungal nails and how can you remedy this? Wintertime is when most people get foot fungus and bacterial infections especially due to the fact that their feet are often stuffed in socks and sweaty shoes. Wearing the same pair of sweaty shoes day in day out can leave you susceptible to a host of foot infections including foot fungus. Nail 17 quickly eliminates all infections, allowing your hard tissue to grow in a beautiful and healthy way. Its natural formula and pure essential oils penetrates through your skin and nails, reaching all the problematic fungus and microorganisms and eliminating them. Flip-flops are another cause for concern especially when getting your feet spring break ready. You can easily pick up bacterial and fungal infections from changing rooms, the beach and other open areas. Additionally, flip-flops have no real structure to protect your feet from impact and the rubber soles do a sloppy job of absorbing the shock they produce. As a result, flip-flops leave you susceptible to stumbles and the straps can also leave tiny blisters on your feet. As you groom your feet for spring break, choose your sandals wisely and make Nail 17 your trusted partner for beautiful and healthy looking feet that are ready to enjoy the warmth of Spring break. Sources:

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